MediaWiki Consultancy

Transitiv Technologies MediaWiki consultants are available to assist your business and provide the skills needed to deploy MediaWiki within your organisation. Transitiv offer consultancy for MediaWiki including:

  • Custom authentication
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Integration with existing applications

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Open Source Services from Transitiv Technologies

About MediaWiki

MediaWiki is a popular cross platform open source wiki application that powers numerous websites including Wikipedia. It is written in the PHP programming language and supports both MySQL and PostgreSQL for backend data storage. There are over 700 configuration settings and more than 1600 extensions available, making it extremely flexible.

Many businesses use MediaWiki as a collaborative internal content management system.

What our customers say:

I run a large dating site which sends out a significant volume of transactional email every day, and Transitiv's expertise allows me to manage this in house, on my own mailserver. If I outsourced it, I would be paying at least ten times...

― Dan Winchester,