PgBouncer Consultancy

Transitiv Technologies PgBouncer consultants are available to assist you with the configuration of your PgBouncer installation.

We find customers are often interested in:

  • Acceleration - PgBouncer can be used to accelerate existing applications where it is not possible to implement connection pooling inside the application. Examples of this would be Trac or a PHP based website. PgBouncer can be used locally on the webserver to improve performance by reducing connection overhead while also reducing resource utilisation on the PostgreSQL server.
  • Monitoring - PgBouncer provides detailed statistics of the connections it is handling, and the performance of the PostgreSQL servers. Transitiv is best placed to help you monitor your PgBouncer servers.

Contact us to discuss your PgBouncer and PostgreSQL requirements.

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About PgBouncer

PgBouncer is a connection pooler for PostgreSQL. Having lots of idle clients should be avoided where possible. PgBouncer allows PostgreSQL to handle thousands of clients with only hundreds of connections to the PostgreSQL server. PgBouncer is very efficient and high performance. Since it understands the PostgreSQL communication protocol it is able to provide aggressive connection pooling policies. Keeping the number of connections to your PostgreSQL server to a minimum.