PNP4Nagios Consultancy

Transitiv Technologies Nagios consultants are available to assist you when considering a PNP4Nagios deployment and can design a solution to your requirements. In particular we find customers are often interested in having us create custom graph templates to display performance and resource data collected by Nagios in ways that suit their needs.

Contact us to discuss your PNP4Nagios requirements.

Open Source Services from Transitiv Technologies

Open Source Software Consultancy

Transitiv Technologies consultants provide our customers with access to the skills needed to design, develop, deploy and maintain Linux, Unix and Open Source software within their enterprises. Our Open Source professionals have over 30 years experience in the IT industry and have been working individually with the software we support for several years, providing us with the skills and experience required to provide expert consultancy for the applications used in your business.

Using our skills and project management experience along with knowledge of your environment we are able to design solutions according to your requirements to ensure that you get the results you need. The use of Open Source ensures that you get a solution which meets the needs of your business rather than an off the shelf, proprietary solution that only provides the features you paid for. Open Source means that our solutions can adjust to your needs rather than adjusting your business to work with the software.

We support a wide variety of Linux distributions, Unix variants and Open Source software, so please contact us if you need support, training, consultancy or development for a Linux, Unix or Open Source application.

About PNP4Nagios

PNP4Nagios is an intelligent addon for Nagios and Icinga which analyses performance data provided by host and service checks. It integrates with the Nagios web interface to provide a comprehensive graphing tool with many advanced features such as graph zooming, custom timeperiods and customisable templates.

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What our customers say:

We have used Transitiv for a variety of work on Open Source systems, including the implementation of an Apache based reverse proxy to provide secure external access to third parties. Their work has been excellent, delivered on time and...

― Information Technology Unit, London Borough of Brent


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