Puppet Consultancy

With over 5 years of Puppet data centre automation experience, Transitiv Technologies are able to provide you with a range of Puppet related services, including:

  • Deployment Consultancy
  • Module Development
  • Beginner Training

Deployment Consultancy

Transitiv can help you deploy your Puppet system and assist in automating the configuration of your servers and services.

Module Development

Transitiv can develop Puppet Modules for you, tailored to deploy and configure your specific business applications.

Training and Mentoring

Transitiv can offer you training and mentoring to get you started with Puppet.

Contact us to discuss your Puppet automation requirements.

Open Source Services from Transitiv Technologies

About Puppet

Puppet is a data centre automation tool. It enables servers to be systematically configured and administered from a single point. Puppet reduces the amount of time taken to perform administration tasks. Boring repetitive tasks become automated, making better use of staff time. The systematic nature of Puppet makes systems more consistent, improving security and reducing errors.