Merlin Support

Merlin support and maintenance from Transitiv Technologies for all aspects of Merlin, including:

  • Maintenance of your Merlin database backend
  • Integration with existing applications
  • Planning, development and deployment of a new monitoring infrastructure

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About Merlin

Merlin is an alternative database backend and distributed monitoring layer for Nagios which offer several features over the native db and remote monitoring layers in Nagios and NDOUtils, such as:

  • Merlin offers a cleaner, simpler database schema which makes it easier to build applications which utilise the data retrieved by Nagios.
  • Merlin offers distributed monitoring which allows you to configure host and service checks on the central server and push responsibility for monitoring them to another Merlin node, with the results returned to the central server for display in the interface and entry into the database.
  • Merlin also features the ability to load-balance monitoring responsibility across a number of Nagios/Merlin nodes without the need to explicitly define which nodes handle monitoring for which systems.

Despite being newer than NDOUtils, Merlin is already supported as a database backend in many popular Nagios addons, including the popular visualisation tool Nagvis.

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What our customers say:

Throughout this project we have been particularly impressed with the level of analysis of our systems to ensure the best results from the Nagios monitoring solution they developed and also with the technical recommendations which have...

― Stephen Welch, Managing Director, Invictus Technology