Ninja Support

Ninja support and maintenance from Transitiv Technologies for all aspects of Ninja, including:

  • Custom Reporting
  • Integration with Merlin database backend
  • Planning, development and deployment of new monitoring infrastructure with Ninja Frontend

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About Ninja

Ninja is an alternative web interface for Nagios which is not only significantly more attractive than the traditional interface but also adds some extremely useful extra reporting features, such as:

  • Stored custom reports
  • SLA Reporting
  • Scheduled report generation

Ninja comes from the same developers as Merlin and depends on Merlin as its database layer.

We also offer:

What our customers say:

Throughout this project we have been particularly impressed with the level of analysis of our systems to ensure the best results from the Nagios monitoring solution they developed and also with the technical recommendations which have...

― Stephen Welch, Managing Director, Invictus Technology