Zarafa Support

Our experienced consultants can provide expert support and maintenance for all aspects of your Zarafa installation, including:

  • Migration issues
  • Initial installation and configuration
  • Integration with anti-virus and anti-malware products such as ClamAV
  • Security testing and hardening
  • Proactive monitoring

Contact us to discuss Zarafa support.

Open Source Services from Transitiv Technologies.

Zarafa is designed to integrate with Microsoft Office Outlook and is intended as an alternative to the Microsoft Exchange Server.

Zarafa’s Open Source Collaboration Platform combines Microsoft Exchange's features, with the low support and low management overhead you can get from Google Apps and Office365, but with the advantage of allowing you to retain ownership of your data as well as lowering your costs.
Zarafa isn't just the best alternative to Microsoft Exchange but it also competes very well against public Cloud services.

With Zarafa users will not have to change the way they work if they are using Outlook as it is natively supported. Users may also find that Zarafa WebAccess has the same look and feel as Outlook so they may find it a very good alternative to Outlook itself. Businesses also benefit from purchasing and maintenance savings because Zarafa is open source the costs are significantly lower than those of its competitors. In some cases they are as little as 50% of the cost of some proprietary packages and other Cloud based offerings.