KVM Training

Transitiv Technologies KVM training is designed for absolute beginners upwards to allow your business to acquire the skills needed to design, deploy and maintain a KVM infrastructure. We offer training for KVM on all major Linux families and distributions, not limited to:

  • Red Hat and Fedora
  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu and derivatives

Our KVM training includes the following:

  • Introduction to virtualisation
  • About KVM itself
  • Requirements
  • Hardware and thinking about your workloads
  • KVM's tools
  • Creating KVM disk images
  • Creating a KVM guest
  • Managing KVM
  • KVM Networking
  • Using LVM for Faster Disk Performance
  • Live Guest Migration
  • Storage and Backing Up

When taking KVM training, many customers often have a particular Linux distribution in mind, so you might wish to consider starting your KVM training with training on a particular Linux distribution, such as Ubuntu, Debian or CentOS to ensure your employees can support Linux as part of your KVM infrastructure. Please be sure to ask us about starting your KVM training course with training on your Linux distribution of choice.

Open Source Software and Linux Training

Transitiv Technologies training courses are designed to equip our customers with the skills to use, develop, deploy and maintain Linux and Open Source software within their enterprises. Our Open Source professionals have over 30 years of commercial experience in the IT industry and have been working individually with the software we support for several years, providing us with the skills and experience to train you and your team on the Open Source applications used in your business. Our training is based upon proven industry best practices and years of experience working with the applications.

We have modular off the shelf courses for those customers who need training at short notice but are also able to customise our training material to your needs to ensure that you get the skills you require from our training.

We provide training on a wide variety of Linux distributions and Open Source software and are able to undertake training either at customer premises or within our dedicated training suite in Wolverhampton.

About KVM

KVM began as an effort to develop an in-kernel hypervisor for the Linux kernel in response to the growing popularity of 3rd party virtualisation platforms which were mis-aligned with the Linux kernel's design and development goals. Originally developed and supported by Qumranet before their purchase by Red Hat, KVM is now a mature, enterprise grade hardware assisted hypervisor with feature parity with most competing platforms and a rapid pace of development and new functionality.

KVM has been the default hypervisor in Red Hat Enterprise Linux since version 5.4 with support in most other Linux distributions including Debian and Ubuntu. With Red Hat as its commercial backer, KVM is still Open Source and is the core component of its vision for enterprise virtualisation services.

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