Transitiv Technologies - Professional Partner for op5 Monitor in the UK

Transitiv sell and support the op5 Monitor and extensions as part of our portfolio of Open Source based Network Monitoring and Management solutions. We believe the op5 Monitor complements our existing monitoring solutions for the reasons outlined below.

op5 Monitor - based on Open Source, delivered with the security of a professional vendor

Open Source Network Monitoring has many benefits for enterprise users, but it also introduces new challenges that sometimes limit the possible usage of open source. With op5 Enterprise Network Monitoring solutions you get the benefit of open source with the security and peace of mind of dealing with a professional commercial vendor. You get a turnkey solution which includes support and you always have access to the latest stable releases. op5 and Transitiv Technologies provide extensive services relating to your monitoring needs.

Unlimited scalability with intelligent redundancy and load-balancing

Tomorrow’s IT will be distributed, spread over multiple platforms and geographical places. Having proactive control is a basic requirement. A traditional monitoring architecture will not work. It will become a bottleneck for rolling out and supporting new services. The operational cost of supporting and maintaining IT systems can easily and quickly negate the potential cost savings. op5 Monitor introduces an architecture that fully supports the needs of today and tomorrow and can scale from the small and business critical IT to the very large IT with tens of thousands of actively controlled services.

Powerful Reports, bridging the gap between IT and your business

The powerful and easy to understand reports in op5 Monitor gives you the ability to share all the valuable and detailed IT information available across various disciplines and departments, creating new possibilities and competitive advantages.

Network Transparency

Get a clear overview of your entire IT environment. op5 Monitor is hardware independent, next generation software for network monitoring and management. Handling all IT infrastructure from hardware, software and services all the way to virtual or cloud based services. op5 Monitor can create one single tactical overview of your entire IT estate and all included services, providing you with the transparency necessary to stay in control of your network.

Easy Administration

op5 Monitor is designed with the user in mind. The user interface is a modern and flexible interface that enables personal views and settings and improved presentation of customer specific data. This allows the user to decide how the information should be displayed. It is also possible to build your own customized widgets to be displayed in the tactical overview, create new themes and with the support of multiple languages.

Extendable Monitoring with no limit to the possibilities

op5 Monitor can grow with your organization and your needs. As the demands and complexity increases, op5 Monitor can scale and be extended to meet your specific needs. op5 Monitor Enterprise can be used to replace or to complement existing Monitoring and Network Management tools. There are no limit to the possibilities for integration and data exchange with other systems.

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