Business Critical Support for Open Source Software

Exceptional customer service, impartial advice and competitive pricing


Transitiv Technologies provides up to 24/7 support, consultancy, project management, training and bespoke development services for a wide variety of Open Source software. Visit our software page to see how you can utilize our skills to help your business.


Transitiv Technologies provide a variety of fully managed solutions based on proven Open Source technologies. We have partnered with companies who offer innovative and reliable solutions which can add real value to your business. Visit our solutions page for further information.


As part of our commitment to Open Source software we have released various projects and solutions under the permissive MIT license for anyone to use, build upon and improve. Visit our resources page to find out more.

What we do

Established in 2010, Transitiv Technologies have been providing our customers with cost efficient solutions to a wide range of IT problems for over 10 years. We have a diverse range of clients including SMEs, financial institutions, Borough Councils and Global Corporations operating across multiple continents.

Our mission is to enable companies to meet their business objectives by utilising the power of Open Source technology. Only by offering exceptional customer service, impartial advice and competitive pricing do we expect to gain, retain and grow with our customers.

We specialise in providing business with innovative solutions based upon Free and Open Source (F/OSS) software technologies, greatly reducing the total cost of ownership and eliminating "vendor lock-in".