Transitiv Technologies have extensive experience in the design, implementation, customization and support of enterprise grade network monitoring systems based completely on Open Source software. Our experience has shown that we can deliver a tailored solution to our customers with a total cost of ownership approaching one quarter of that incurred with an "off the shelf" proprietary solution such as HP Openview or Solarwinds Orion. Many commercial vendors license their software based on the number of devices to be monitored; our solutions have no such restrictions - you are free to monitor as many devices as required.

Transitiv also have extensive experience in monitoring large networks of Cisco switches, routers, Cisco Call Manager and other Cisco devices. For example we are familiar with monitoring the status of power supplies, temperature sensors, chassis fans, CPU usage, load averages, memory usage, call volumes for Cisco Call Manager, thousands of router/switch interfaces and any number of other system variables on Cisco devices.

Our experience has shown that there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" monitoring solution. Thanks to the flexibility and agility inherent in the use of Open Source software, a solution can be tailored to precisely meet the needs of you and your business. We also understand that requirements evolve over time, and our support contracts have been designed with this in mind.

Key Benefits

  • No licensing costs
  • Scalability
  • Extremely customisable
  • Flexible support options
  • Significantly lower TCO compared to proprietary alternatives
  • Distributed monitoring using a number of remote monitoring servers with a single central interface

Key Features

  • Extensive monitoring of Windows systems, including:
    • CPU, memory and disk usage
    • Event log
    • Status of services
    • Status of processes
    • Performance counters
    • Status of scheduled tasks
    • Status of arbitrary WMI queries
    • Available Windows updates
  • Extensive monitoring of Linux and Unix systems, including:
    • CPU, memory and disk usage
    • System log files
    • Status of processes
    • Number of users
    • Status of network interfaces
    • SMART hard disk status
    • Available software updates
  • Extensive monitoring of Cisco devices, including:
    • CPU, load averages and memory usage
    • Network interface status
    • Status of PSUs, fans and temperature sensors
    • Call volumes for Cisco Call Manager
    • Status of many other system variables
  • Extensive monitoring of devices supporting SNMP, including:
    • CPU, memory and disk usage
    • Network interface status
    • Status of PSUs, fans and temperature sensors
    • Status of any available SNMP OID
  • Extensive monitoring of applications and services, including:
    • Status of database servers such as MySQL and Oracle
    • Status of network services such as HTTP, IMAP, POP3, SMTP and SSH
    • Behaviour of web applications
    • Status of Java applications via JMX
  • Highly customisable graphing and trending:
    • Aggregate graphs
    • Dynamic time periods
    • Export of graphs to PDF
    • Export of graph data to XML, CSV and JSON for external analysis
  • Configurable notification support, including:
    • Delivery via email, SMS, IM etc.
    • Restriction of alerts to specific times
    • Escalation of alerts
  • Integration with external authentication systems such as Active Directory
  • Support for distributed and redundant monitoring servers
  • Customisable web interface
  • Mobile interfaces for Android and Apple devices

We have extensive experience in developing custom host and service checks for our customers. Don't just take our word for it - a package of custom plugins written by Transitiv is available to back up our claims.

Please contact us if you would like further information on our Open Source enterprise monitoring solutions.