High Availability Firewall

Transitiv Technologies' purpose built firewall is based on the renowned security and stability of OpenBSD, and includes all of the features you require with none of the drawbacks associated with proprietary solutions such as high costs, complex licensing and vendor lock-in.

Transitiv Technologies High Availability Firewall builds on the renowned security and stability of OpenBSD, utilising the power of the pf packet filter firewall in a high availability configuration. It works in a similar, though more secure manner to VRRP or HSRP, which means your firewall can stay fully operational in the event of a hardware failure without losing any connections.

OpenBSD has a reputation as the most secure network Operating System out of the box due to the developers emphasis on security and code quality. It offers excellent networking functionality and includes features found in commercial products which cost many thousands of pounds.

Unlike most firewalls, our High Availability Firewall contains features to handle packet reassembly and sanitisation before passing them on to your systems. It is a powerful, high-performance solution which excels in a redundant architecture, synchronising active connection states in real time with all other firewalls in the cluster.

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