Transitiv Technologies: Business Critical Open Source Support & Services

Our mission is to empower companies through the use of Open Source technology to meet their business objectives. Only by offering exceptional customer service, impartial advice, competitive pricing and explaining our proposed solutions in a jargon free manner do we expect to gain, retain and grow with our customers.  

Transitiv Technologies specialise in providing innovative solutions based upon Free and Open Source (F/OSS) software technology for Enterprises and Businesses that greatly reduces the total cost of ownership and eliminates 'vendor lock in'.

We offer support, consultancy, training and software development/customisation on Open Source applications running on Linux, Windows, Unix and Mac.

Open Source Software is freedom. The freedom to choose from a range of enterprise class technologies, the freedom to grow and protect your business without excessive technology licensing costs, and the freedom to change the direction of your IT Strategy when so required.

Some of the world's most prominent software companies (Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Citrix) have chosen to embrace major Open Source strategies. Combined with long-term players such as Novell, Red Hat and Ubuntu, Open Source Software is now mainstream software.

Transitiv Technologies are here to help you understand, choose and implement Open Source Software for your business, whether that be on your premises or in the "cloud".