pfSense Firewall

pfSense is a firewall, router and VPN appliance based on FreeBSD, featuring the powerful pf firewall, support for high availability, IP address failover, VLANs, link aggregation and many other network services.

Transitiv Technologies pfSense based firewalls build on the renowned security and reliability of FreeBSD and OpenBSD whilst providing an easy to manage web based management GUI, so you don't have to understand the Unix command line or edit text files to configure the firewall and other network services.

One of the headline features of pfSense is the support for high availability and IP address failover. This functions in a similar but more secure manner to Cisco VRRP or HSRP, allowing your firewall to stay fully operational in the event of a hardware failure without any interruption to client connections.

The functionality available in pfSense includes features found in commercial products which cost many thousands of pounds, such as:

  • High availability with state synchronisation
  • Multi-WAN support
  • Load balancing and policy routing
  • Support for OpenVPN and IPsec VPNs
  • Traffic shaping
  • DHCP and DNS
  • Certificate management
  • Captive portals
  • Intrusion detection and prevention (IDS / IDP) using Snort or Suricata

Unlike most firewalls, pfSense contains features to handle packet reassembly and sanitisation before passing them on to your systems. It is a powerful, high-performance firewall and router which excels in a redundant architecture, synchronising connection states and configuration in real time with the other nodes in the cluster. This complex functionality can all be managed within the easy to use web management GUI.

We also offer support, consultancy and training for pfSense. Please contact us for further information.