Announcing Support Services for Rocky Linux

Posted on July 8th, 2021 by Adam Sweet

In a previous blog post we announced our intention to provide our services for Rocky Linux once it reached general availability. Following the release announcement from the Rocky Linux project, we're delighted to announce that our support, training and consultancy services are now available for Rocky Linux.

Rocky Linux is the community-run RHEL fork started by CentOS project founder Greg Kurtzer following the announcement that CentOS would cease to exist as a downstream clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and instead transition to a rolling release model sitting ahead of RHEL development. While a rolling release version of CentOS suits many modern containerised, automated and CI workflows, it does not provide the rock-solid reliability and predictable upgrade cycles of a traditional release model.

While founded by Greg Kurtzer, Rocky Linux is run by the Rocky Enterprise Linux Foundation (RESF) and has a community charter to ensure transparency of governance so that no one individual or commercial entity can control the project or its direction.

The progress of Rocky Linux has been incredible since its announcement in December 2020, with the first RC in April 2021 and reaching its first stable release with Rocky Linux 8.4, corresponding to RHEL 8.4, at the end of June. The project is now sponsored by and is available on Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure amongst others, so we are excited to offer our services for Rocky Linux and look forward to lots of exciting projects!