DRBD Support

DRBD support and maintenance from Transitiv Technologies for all aspects of DRBD, including:

  • Configuration issues
  • Integration with Pacemaker
  • Performance Tuning

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About DRBD

DRBD (Distributed Redundant Block Device) is a distributed storage subsystem for the Linux platform. DRBD is commonly used as a network based RAID 1 (mirroring) solution as part of a High Availability (HA) cluster, however it also provides support for active-active configurations when used with cluster aware filesystems such as GFS and OCFS2.

DRBD enables businesses to accomplish their High Availability or Disaster Recovery goals with a significantly greater level of flexibility than proprietary alternatives.

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We have used Transitiv for a variety of work on Open Source systems, including the implementation of an Apache based reverse proxy to provide secure external access to third parties. Their work has been excellent, delivered on time and...

― Information Technology Unit, London Borough of Brent