Ansible is an open source automation tool for configuration and inventory management and app deployment. Ansible can automate tasks on a diverse range of platforms including operating systems such as Linux, Unix and Windows, cloud providers such as AWS, GCP and Azure and hardware from vendors such as NetApp, Cisco and Juniper.

Ansible Consultancy

Transitiv Technologies consultants can assist you with the design, implementation and maintenance of your Ansible based DevOps solution.

Areas where we can help include:

  • Designing and implementing custom playbooks to automate management of your infrastructure and application deployments.
  • Implementing custom Ansible roles to meet your specific requirements.
  • Writing custom Ansible modules to interface with external systems or configure third party software.
  • Advising on how best to structure your playbooks and roles to improve maintainability and supportability.
  • Debugging and resolving issues with existing playbooks and custom roles.

Several Ansible roles that we have developed in-house are freely available on Ansible Galaxy. Have a look at our Ansible resources page for further information.

Contact us to discuss your Ansible consultancy requirements.