RefineryCMS is an open source Ruby on Rails content management system. RefineryCMS development began as a closed source project at Resolve Digital in 2004, but in 2009 it was released as open source software under the MIT License. It has quickly become the most popular Ruby on Rails CMS with more than 100 contributors extending the application with engines and themes. Thanks to excellent internationalization support the interface has been translated into over 19 languages. Out of the box features include WYSIWYG content editing, image and file management and excellent SEO support.

RefineryCMS Development

Here at Transitiv Technologies, we utilise RefineryCMS as our content management system due to it's flexibility and ease of use. Tailoring RefineryCMS to your specific requirements is straightforward thanks to the agility of the Ruby on Rails web application framework. We are able to design, implement and support additional features and engines.

Our developers have experience extending RefineryCMS in a variety of ways in order to meet both our own as well as our customers needs.

Contact us to discuss your RefineryCMS development requirements.