Apache Consultancy

Transitiv Technologies Apache consultants are available to assist your business and provide the skills needed to design, deploy and maintain an Apache infrastructure.

We find customers are often interested in:

  • Performance issues and tuning
  • Configuration issues
  • Dynamic language integration

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About Apache HTTP Server

The Apache HTTP Server is regarded by most as the most popular web server. This open source, cross platform web server played an important part in the initial early development of the Internet and is regarded as being efficient and secure.

The Apache server is extensible which means that is continuously changing and developing. The source code and API is open, which allows for a wide selection of custom modules available which can be easily sourced online.

Apache web server has built in support for many programming languages including PHP, PERL and Python as well as other popular features including SSL and TLS support, proxy module URL rewriter custom log file and virtual hosting. Apache is portable and is supported by a large number of operating systems including UNIX, Windows 9x/NT and MAC OS amongst others. Configuration files of Apache are in ASCII format which makes administration easy as edits can be made using any standard text editor.

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What our customers say:

Simon, I just wanted to put on my record my thanks to you and your team for the flexibility and responsiveness shown yesterday in joining a call so quickly. It is greatly appreciated. Adam and Chris quickly pointed us in the right...

― Neil Donaldson, Director of Application Services, RR Donnelley Global Document Solutions