ClamAV is a powerful Open Source anti-virus engine and virus detection tool-kit for UNIX and Windows. It receives frequent virus signature updates from its developers thanks to the assistance of thousands of collaborators and accepts signature suggestions from its user community. What makes ClamAV different from proprietary AV engines is that, as Open Source software, the signature creation toolkit is well documented and available to all which means that ClamAV is ideal for embedding in spam and content filtering products and organisational gateway machines to prevent access to files which violate your policies and allows administrators to create signatures for malware which isn't otherwise detected and in advance of official signatures from other AV vendors. Another feature which sets ClamAV apart from proprietary AV engines is its strength in detecting phishing emails, something frequently ignored by the proprietary vendors.

ClamAV Consultancy

Transitiv Technologies ClamAV consultants are available to assist your business and provide the skills needed to deploy ClamAV and ClamWin within your organisation. Transitiv offer consultancy for ClamAV and ClamWin, including:

  • Creating custom antivirus signatures
  • Embedding ClamAV within spam filtering solutions either directly such as with Exim or through AMaViS.
  • Using ClamAV within web content filtering solutions.
  • ClamAV monitoring

As well as providing consultancy for ClamAV, Transitiv offer consultancy for most popular Open Source software applications, so if you require assistance with an application not listed elsewhere on the Transitiv website, please ask us about consultancy for your application.

Contact us to discuss your ClamAV consultancy requirements.