Exim is a highly configurable, Sendmail compatible SMTP server. It is well documented and features strong access controls, mail routers and the ability to integrate with external spam and AV filtering tools. It is the default MTA on Debian as well as being used by cPanel web hosting software.

Exim Consultancy

Transitiv Technologies Exim consultants are available to assist with the design, development and maintenance of your Exim email solution.

Areas where we have helped customers in the past include:

  • Providing advice and assistance on techniques and technologies for reducing spam and improving deliverability, such as:
    • SPF
    • DKIM
    • DMARC
    • Greylisting
    • Use of DNS block lists
  • Integration with spam and malware filtering applications such as Rspamd and Spamassassin.
  • Integration with IMAP and POP3 servers such as Dovecot and Courier.
  • Implementing mail systems with virtual domains, mailboxes and aliases backed by a SQL databases.
  • Integrating with third party email services such as Office 365, Sendgrid, Mailgun etc.
  • Custom mail routing, header checks etc.
  • Performance and throughput tuning.
  • Implementing SMTP authentication schemes.
  • Configuration of SSL/TLS and enforcing TLS policies.
  • Security testing and hardening.
  • General system health checks and audits.
  • Monitoring Exim

As well as providing consultancy for Exim, Transitiv offer consultancy for most popular Open Source software applications, so if you require assistance with an application not listed elsewhere on the Transitiv website, please ask us about consultancy for your application.

Contact us to discuss your Exim consultancy requirements.