Exim is a highly configurable, Sendmail compatible SMTP server. It is well documented and features strong access controls, mail routers and the ability to integrate with external spam and AV filtering tools. It is the default MTA on Debian as well as being used by cPanel web hosting software.

Exim Support

Transitiv Technologies have consultants with years of experience maintaining and supporting Exim on a wide variety of operating systems and can provide expert support and maintenance for all aspects of your Exim installation, including:

  • Initial installation and configuration
  • Mail routing
  • Implementation of spam reduction techniques such as:
    • Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
    • DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)
    • Greylisting
    • DNSBLs (DNS Block Lists)
  • Virtual domains and aliases
  • SMTP authentication
  • Integration with IMAP and POP3 servers such as Dovecot and Courier.
  • Integration with anti-virus and anti-malware products such as ClamAV
  • SSL and TLS encryption
  • Security testing and hardening
  • Exim monitoring

As well as supporting Exim, Transitiv offer support for most popular Open Source applications on all of our supported distributions, so if you require assistance with an application not listed elsewhere on the Transitiv website, please ask us about support for your application.

Contact us to discuss your Exim support requirements.