OpenLiteSpeed Webserver

OpenLiteSpeed is an open source web server characterised by high-performance event-driven architecture and Apache compatible rewrite rules. After installation on a VPS or dedicated Server, it requires further configuration on its WebAdmin in preparation for installation of CMS websites and web applications. In addition, it requires the installation of required packages, i.e. the latest php version for processing of web server requests and MySQL 8.0 for CMS or website database.

OpenLiteSpeed Webserver Support

Transitiv Technologies offer support and maintenance for all aspects of the OpenLiteSpeed Webserver. Our engineers can assist with the following:

  • Diagnosing configuration and performance issues.
  • General server administration and maintenance.
  • Assisting with integration of dynamic languages such as Ruby and PHP.
  • Writing and maintaining documentation for use by internal teams.

Contact us to discuss your OpenLiteSpeed Webserver support requirements.