Icinga Support

Icinga support and maintenance from Transitiv Technologies provides Server and Network Monitoring services for companies Icinga installations'.

We offer support services for all aspects of Network Monitoring with Icinga, including:

  • Maintenance of your Icinga Monitoring infrastructure
  • Configuration of new hosts and services
  • Writing Icinga plugins
  • Windows, Linux, SNMP and Cisco monitoring
  • Planning, development and deployment of new monitoring infrastructure
  • Custom reporting
  • Support for email, SMS and custom alerts
  • Integration with existing applications

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Open Source Services from Transitiv Technologies.

About Icinga

Icinga is an enterprise grade Open Source Network Monitoring application which is a fork of Nagios and backwards compatible. Nagios configurations, plugins and add ons can all be used with Icinga. Icinga enables companies to be proactive about Network and Server maintenance allowing System Administrators to be informed of any service issues before receiving support calls from end users. Icinga monitors, notifies and reports on any network issue.

As Open Source software, Icinga offers a cost effective alternative to proprietary monitoring systems such as CiscoWorks, HP OpenView and Solarwinds Orion. This enables companies to spend their time and money on getting what they want rather than buying an inflexible, off-the-shelf product which only offers the functionality they pay for. 

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What our customers say:

We have used Transitiv for a variety of work on Open Source systems, including the implementation of an Apache based reverse proxy to provide secure external access to third parties. Their work has been excellent, delivered on time and...

― Information Technology Unit, London Borough of Brent


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