Rocky Linux

Rocky Linux is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and is seen as the natural successor to CentOS Linux, providing a free alternative to Red Hat's commercial product.

Rocky Linux Support

Transitiv Technologies are providers of business critical Rocky Linux support and maintenance services up to 24/7/365 which are designed to provide the skills needed to design, deploy and maintain a Rocky Linux infrastructure. Transitiv offers support for all aspects of Rocky Linux, including:

  • General Rocky Linux systems administration.
  • Acting as your Rocky Linux support vendor.
  • Investigating and resolving hardware issues and applications crashes.
  • Assisting your internal teams with day to day support tasks, or acting as your outsourced Linux support team.
  • Supporting your in-house applications on Rocky Linux.
  • Rocky Linux RPM packaging.
  • Carrying out bug-fixing and security patching.
  • Server clustering, high availability and load balancing.
  • Documenting existing systems.
  • Installing third-party applications on Rocky Linux.
  • Design and implementation of new Rocky Linux deployments.

As well as supporting Rocky Linux, Transitiv offer support for most popular Open Source applications and operating systems, so if you require assistance with an application or OS not listed elsewhere on the Transitiv website, please ask us about support for it.

Contact us to discuss your Rocky Linux support requirements.