Nagios Training

Nagios training courses from Transitiv Technologies are designed to equip our customers with the skills needed to use, develop, deploy and maintain Nagios network monitoring within their enterprises. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced Nagios training courses. Our Nagios training is modular and includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Installing Nagios from source or pre-compiled packages
  • Configuring hosts and service checks
  • Working with the Nagios web interface for an overview of systems status and to configure system downtime
  • Understanding the primitives of Nagios configuration objects and how to use them
  • Inheriting configuration from hostgroups, and generic hosts and services
  • Using host and service dependencies
  • Configuring host and service check times and notification periods
  • Configuring email, SMS and custom notifications
  • Monitoring of network services such as availability, response time, and service health
  • Monitoring of system health such as disk usage, running processes, CPU usage and package updates
  • Monitoring of infrastructure such as router, server, internet and printer availability
  • Nagios for Windows, Linux and Cisco
  • Using Nagios to run checks on remote systems using NRPE (remote plugin executor), NSClient++, SSH and SNMP
  • Nagios SNMP Trap monitoring
  • Accepting passive checks
  • Nagios host and service availability reporting
  • Integration with graphing software for system performance and resource graphing
  • The Nagios plugin API and writing custom plugins
  • Adding functionality with Nagios extensions
  • Using databases for logging and reporting
  • Distributed monitoring with multiple Nagios installations and remote locations

Open Source Software and Linux Training

Transitiv Technologies training courses are designed to equip our customers with the skills to use, develop, deploy and maintain Linux and Open Source software within their enterprises. Our Open Source professionals have over 30 years of commercial experience in the IT industry and have been working individually with the software we support for several years, providing us with the skills and experience to train you and your team on the Open Source applications used in your business. Our training is based upon proven industry best practices and years of experience working with the applications.

We have modular off the shelf courses for those customers who need training at short notice but are also able to customise our training material to your needs to ensure that you get the skills you require from our training.

We provide training on a wide variety of Linux distributions and Open Source software and are able to undertake training either at customer premises or within our dedicated training suite in Wolverhampton.

About Nagios

Nagios is the industry standard network monitoring tool and is the best of breed Open Source application in its field. Nagios enables you to be pro-active about system maintenance so that you no longer have to rely on support calls from users to alert you to network or server issues.

Nagios monitors most standard network services and system resources out of the box and owing to the unparalleled number of third party service checks and a thriving extension ecosystem, it can monitor more or less any data source running on any platform.

As Open Source software, Nagios offers unrivaled flexibility and represents a cost-effective replacement for proprietary network monitoring systems such as CiscoWorks, HP OpenView, Tivoli and Solarwinds Orion. Why buy an inflexible, off-the-shelf product when a solution fully customised to your network environment can be implemented significantly cheaper?

Contact us if you would like more information on our Nagios support services, network monitoring consultancy, development and training.

What our customers say:

To both the Adam's thank you for your hard work, flexibility and attention to detail whilst building our Nagios distributed monitoring system. We are now able to monitor our entire IT estate with one application that surpasses the...

― James Angland, Director of Business Information Systems, Selection Services Ltd