LibreNMS is a network graphing and alerting system featuring distributed polling, autodiscovery, integrations with a range of complementary tools and support for Nagios plugins. Ideal for MSP and ISP NOC environments.

LibreNMS Consultancy

Transitiv Technologies consultants are experienced in the planning, design and implementation of LibreNMS monitoring systems and are available to assist you with the development of your LibreNMS architecture.

Areas where we have helped customers in the past include:

  • Design and implementation of a LibreNMS monitoring solution from the ground up.
  • Migration of monitoring from legacy systems such as Icinga 1 and Nagios.
  • Design and implementation of a distributed poller architecture.
  • Integration with external tools such as netflow, device configuration management, latency measurement, network weathermapping and virtualisation tools.
  • Graphing of network performance, SNMP compatible network device metrics and application health statistics.
  • Implementation of bespoke checks, custom plugins and graph templates.
  • Integration of LibreNMS with third party applications.
  • Performing system health checks and providing recommendations for improving maintainability.
  • Integrating LibreNMS with third party notification services.

We also offer support services for LibreNMS 2 up to 24/7/365 for complete peace of mind.

Contact us to discuss your LibreNMS consultancy requirements.